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Bath Salts - Evening Star


It's a clever original fine art porcelain jar with a genuine Turquoise gem to brighten any bathroom. Turquoise is known for its unique healing powerswhen worn in necklaces. That's what our blend of Evening Star salts do - detox and relieve aches after a long day.

The only bath salt designed to dissolve biofilm and support skins natural defenses. The Evening Star formula in our Nutri-biotic Enzyme bath salt formula is designed to detox your skin, soothe your muscles and ease your tension while gently hydrating. Feel the aches leave after one warm 30 minute bath. We'd be surprised if you didn't want one of these baths daily. 

Experience our blend of healthy salts: Himalayan, Sea, and Epsom - naturally rich in minerals, nutrients, and vitamins - then infused with Eucalyptus and Peppermint to provide relief from sore aching muscles and sinus congestion. Jasmine Essential Oil, Green Tea Extract and sodium bicarbonate are also added to softly enhance the moisture of your skin. Our unique Dextranase / Mutanase Enzyme System is also added to boost and support skin's natural bacterial barrier. 

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