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Bath Salts - Water Song


Add art and health to your bathroom with this original fine art porcelain jar with a real turquoise gem, long known for its natural healing powers. Every stone is hand cut and unique with slightly varying characteristics.

The only bath salt designed to dissolve biofilm and support skins natural defenses. The Water Song jar contains a Nutri-biotic Enzyme Bath Salt formula designed to soothe and calm skin while soaking in a warm bath. Rise feeling naturally revitalized knowing this salt formula promotes healthy skin. Feel the difference after one bath with softer, smoother skin that has greater resistance to external elements and irritants.

The secret is our special blend of Sea and Epsom Salts that are naturally rich in minerals, nutrients and vitamins, but  then we infuse the essential aromatic oils of Lavender, Chamomile, Frankincense, Valerian Root, Juniper, Lemon Grass and Vanilla to take soothing and softening to a new height. A total Relaxation of Mind and Body.

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