I am a mom of two kids, they are my best teachers and provide great design inspiration.   - Marina Pellico

Art & Science

The artful packaging designs of FaniBlu skincare products are created by Marina and Stephen Pellico, a perfect husband and wife art team. Their beautiful packaging for FaniBlu products are a perfect finish for the gifts you choose for yourself or the ones you love. FaniBlu jewelry and skincare lines are the integration of art, science, health and aesthetics. All FaniBlu products are created to make life more beautiful, with a sense of ease and refinement.

From the Creators of Biotene®

FaniBlu skincare products are formulated by the team that created the original Biotene® enzyme products. We use only the most natural and beneficial ingredients in our products that help skin to maintain its health and beauty.




FaniBlu Turquoise Jewelry

The creative mind behind FaniBlu jewelry is Marina Pellico, a graphic artist. Marina has been designing and making jewelry for years, traveling the world in search of magnificent stones and uncommon materials. The inspiration of FaniBlu design is rooted in Marina’s Asian culture. She shares her time among Los Angeles, Kauai, and China, allowing her to embrace and celebrate different cultures and landscapes within her craft. The art designs combine both old world tradition with contemporary design. Marina chooses only the highest quality of gemstones and pearls, and puts them into stunning and elegant pieces that display their beauty .

FaniBlu jewelry makes it possible for women to choose unique pieces that express individual style and emotion through each piece. Every piece is made to be timeless, not trendy, as true beauty never goes out of style. The goal of FaniBlu jewelry is to create the most beautiful jewelry to bring happiness to the wearer. Each piece of jewelry is carefully handmade by a team of highly skilled Japanese jewelers in Tokyo, ensuring both beauty and integrity.