The Story of Turquoise

The story of turquoise dates back to the ancient Chinese goddess, Nuwa, also known as Nugua.  Mythology tells us Nuwa created man and earth.  Earth held up the sky with pillars.  When four pillars broke, chaos came.  The sky fell in parts and did not completely cover the earth, fires blazed out of control, floods covered great areas of land, and ferocious animals ate innocent people.  Nuwu smelted together five colored rocks to repair the azure sky: white, green, blue, red, and yellow; the blue rock was turquoise. To replace the pillars, she used the legs of the Great Turtle.  When the sky was repaired, the waters were drained and  the city became tranquil and happy.  Today, Zhushan China is renowned for its many turquoise mines.  Homes in Zhushan are filled with  sculptures of natural turquoise. The beautiful hues that range from deeper blue-green to yellow-green complement modern design can be combined with many colors to enhance luxury homes and the energy that is said to come from the gem protects the house and people within.Turquoise is so  beautiful  it is also consistently used in jewelry; again folklore belief has it protecting the wearer against evil, bringing healing, clarity, peace, safety, and happiness.